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A Layer-1 for Metaverses

Cubics enables anyone to create virtual worlds and real-time multiplayer games without coding or design experience. The Cubics ecosystem consists of:

The Cubics Chain - providing fast & cheap transfers, and plug & play smart-contract logic such as staking, voting, auctions, lending, and trading.

The Cubics Engine - enabling you to create 3D voxel objects/NFTs, games, and virtual worlds without any game dev or 3D modeling knowledge.

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The Cubics Ecosystem

Four main pillars intending to reduce friction for creators while accelerating user adoption.

Cubics L1 Chain

Cubics Blockchain is a serverless blockchain enabling up to 80,000 TPS, transaction finality in under one second, and fees as low as a tenth of a cent. It provides a non-Turing complete language with 11 pre-built smart contracts, developed explicitly for NFTs, Gaming, and Metaverse use-cases such as Auctions, Lending, Staking, Decentralized Swaps, etc.

Cubics Metaverse Engine

Cubics focuses on developing mixed-reality spaces as interface-layer for popular blockchains and, of course, Cubics's blockchain. Primarily, Cubics creates a Minecraft-like virtual world focusing on avatars, real-time multiplayer games, in-game NFTs & smart-contract logic, and Multiverse interoperability.

Cubics Creators

Creators can start building on Cubics, whether they want to launch a 3D NFT collection, tokenize their project, or launch an entire Metaverse using the Cubics Engine. Cubics provides tools to create and prototype objects, games, and virtual worlds easily.

Cubics Community

We will expand our community and enable players to earn rewards by playing games in the Metaverse. The Cubics Metaverse Engine specifically targets browsers so low-end devices can access games and worlds without friction or installing clients.

Cubics Chain Benefits

  • 80k TPS, $0.001 fees, 1s TX Finality
  • 11 Pre-Written Smart Contracts
  • Bridge for Cross-Chain Swaps
  • NFT, Gaming & Metaverse Use-Cases
  • Written from Scratch (no ETH fork)
  • Lightweight & Modular Chain

Cubics Engine Benefits

  • Browser-Based Object & Game Builder
  • Integrated Smart Contract Logic
  • Avatars & World NFTs
  • Crypto, Networking & Physics Engine
  • Supports RT Multiplayer Games
  • No Downloadable Client

Creator Benefits

  • Affordable & Big Land of Size 256^3
  • Modular Blockchain & Metaverse
  • Simple Creation of Worlds & Games
  • One-Click 3D Galleries & Events
  • Supports FPS, Race, Quest, RPG etc.

Community Benefits

  • Massive Play-2-Earn Incentives
  • Simple Access via Browsers & Phones
  • Efficient In-Game Transfers
  • Easy Onramp to Web3/Crypto
  • Community Events & Drops

Challenge & Opportunity

Our mission is to make crypto+web3 gaming widely accessible. We believe gaming is one of the best use-cases for crypto, especially when combined with the infinite possibilities of voxel-based worlds (Minecraft demonstrated this).

Cubics makes it easy for anyone to create crypto-based virtual worlds or games without prior experience. Cubics primarily focuses on multiplayer browser gaming, which enables infinite possibilities for creators, fast iteration cycles, has a high virality factor, and introduces users natively to crypto (for example, through in-game economies or play-2-earn rewards).

The Use-Case for Cubics

Creators can access a wide range of tools (such as the browser-based game builder, voxel object designer, drag & drop smart-contract builder for in-game logic). At the same time, users can easily immerse themselves into countless unique worlds with incentives. This allows anyone to create games, worlds, hangouts, and various events such as concerts and virtual showrooms.

Cubics supports many DeFi smart contract functionalities (lending, staking, voting, trading, loot pools, auctions, lotteries) that can be used in every Cubics World. This makes it possible, for the first time in history, to create programmable Metaverses or games that resemble real economies with all their complexities - from trustless transfers to assets, ownership & governance.

Our Roadmap

Since 2021, we've launched a lightweight blockchain operating in Mainnet, as well as a browser-based Metaverse engine. Currently, we're looking to scale & optimize the blockchain & Metaverse engine while growing adoption.

Q1/Q2 2021

Cubics Blockchain Development, Block explorer & smart contracts, Serverless Systems Design for the Blockchain

Q3/Q4 2021

Testnet & 11 Prewritten Smart Contracts on Cubics, Launching Docs & Handbook for the Blockchain

Q1/Q2 2022

Cubics Mainnet & Bridge, DEXs, NFTs, Staking & Lending Launch, Cubics NFT Marketplace Beta

Q3 2022
80% Completed

Metaverse Engine Development & Land Sale, Game Engine Deployment, Claiming & Developing Land via Browser

Q4 2022

Metaverse Usability & Scaling, Game Engine Refinements, First Real-time Multiplayer Games Live on Cubics (FPS, Racing, Quest, Quiz types)

Q1 2023

Avatars & Virtual Spaces, Gamification & Creator Tools, One event in Partnership with a known Company

Q2 2023

Team Expansion & Growth, Cubics Ecosystem Development, Simplifying Creator Onboarding through Videos & Resources

Q3 2023

Various Paths (for example Digitization & Virtualization of Objects via AI)

A Toolset for Creators

Our mission is to enable creators to build without friction and without any prior knowledge of game dev, crypto, or 3D design. We do this by focusing on three modules that can be used in a plug & play fashion.

1. Cubics Chain (high-performance blockchain for GameFi & Metaverse use-cases such as smart contracts, NFT & asset tokenization, NFT marketplace, bridging & interoperability).

2. Voxel Object Builder (making it easy to digitize & create in-game objects via mouse, touch, or haptic devices).

3. Game Creator (enabling anyone to create games, such as racing, FPS, RPG, etc., and to add smart-contract logic to their world, supporting any use-case for virtual economies).

Cubics Metaverse Engine

Popular platforms like Minecraft or The Sandbox require creators and users to download a client to create & play, which is an increased friction point towards adoption. Our team wrote a rendering engine from the ground up, leveraging Three.js, WebXR, and WebGPU. This makes it possible to build volumetric objects & scenes using only a browser.

Additionally to the 3D rendering engine, we’re providing fully functional game engine components. We’ve intentionally decided against ready-made solutions as provided by Unity and similar, to have more options in customizing our solutions for crypto use-cases. Cubics provides internally built modules for multiplayer & networking, physics, NFTs, voice-chats, crypto logic, and many others.

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Our Team


Distributed systems and software architecture design.


Artificial intelligence, vision AI, object detection and segmentation.

Capital F

Frontend Javascript developer, mastermind behind Cubics Block Explorer.


3D, augmented reality, virtual reality developer.

Jesse James

Solidity, smart contracts and web3 developer.


Marketing, partnerships and outreach.

Mr. Zi

Business development, project onboarding and integration assistance.


Community, sponsorships and events.

CUBIC Token & Tokenomics

The CUBIC token was launched in 2021 and provides various utilities to the Cubics ecosystem. Transactions in the Cubics ecosystem, such as in-game transfers & payments, governance & voting, asset registration, staking and more, are using the underlying CUBIC token.

There will be 10B CUBIC tokens in circulation by 2027. Currently, there are 1B tokens in circulation, mostly on BSC and partially bridged to the Cubics Chain Mainnet. The distribution of tokens is: 20% ecosystem & partnerships, 20% community enrichment, 15% foundation, 10% legal, marketing & bizdev, 10% financing rounds & OTC, 10% team & development, 10% public liquidity, 5% advisors & contributors. Cubics will use a majority of tokens (around 20%) to incentivize creators and players to join, create and play on Cubics.

Join Cubics

Our community is continuously evolving, with creators and players joining every day. Participate by joining our community on Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Reddit and Medium.

You can join the ecosystem by purchasing CUBIC on PancakeSwapV2. Furthermore, you can mint & buy a Cubics World, enabling you to develop your world or build your project on Cubics. Lastly, you can apply for an ecosystem grant to build on Cubics (e.g., if you want to launch a project on the Cubics Network, or if you want to create a game/world but can't afford to purchase the land).

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